You’re not a coffee machine but a clarification plant. It’s this time of the year when you clean your house and feel like you should do the same with your body. One option is to do a 7 day master cleanse or detox-something. You eat nothing for 7 days and only drink lemon water or

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Your overweight might be caused by ultra-high processed food. You probably started eating it because it usually is very convenient food. Food providing is a chore and most people don’t enjoy it. But by eating high processed food you step into the nutrient hunger and are forced to overdose on energy. The only way out

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Nutrient density

Food is sometimes compared to fuel for a car. The more fuel we consume the fatter we become and weight loss is a matter of reducing the fuel we eat. Fuel in this regard is always equated with energy. That’s only half of the truth. Our body is special and needs two different kinds of

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Food addiction

You: „I am an emotional eater.“Your Weight Loss Coach: „There is no such thing as an emotional eater.“You: „I am not calling myself an emotional eater anymore.“ Maybe you have been in a situation like that. I couldn’t agree less with that coach. There definitely is such a thing as an emotional eater. But emotional

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