Earn your chocolate bar

It’s common sense that you must eat less and work out if you want to lose weight.

What follows is that many take a look at the calories of a chocolate bar and then hit the gym to run that bar off.

Right? Are you doing this too?

Too bad the body doesn’t work like that.

Let me tell you how the body works. Every cell in your body needs a certain amount of energy during the day. The more cells you have, the more energy your body needs in total. So tall people need more energy than small people for one day.

That total energy is used in your body for brain work, muscle work, your immune system, digestion, growing, regeneration and so on.

Now comes the surprising part. Let’s say you are a woman. So generally speaking you need 2400kcal a day. Those 2400kcal are like a budget. Everything your body does has to be done by 2400kcal during one day. If you do more muscle work because you are doing a high intense workout than your body has less energy for your immune system or regeneration. I can’t tell you what gets less energy but something of your body functions gets less energy if you do a work out.

You can’t earn your chocolate bar. It’s impossible.

When you eat more than your body needs, your body stores the energy overdose in fat cells.

If you crave that chocolate bar, ask yourself if it helps you to calm emotional pain. If you are not sure talk to a psychiatrist. Food has the potential to pamper us and if this is costing your overweight than you must talk about your pain. You are otherwise stuck and no diet in the world can make a change for you.

If not get rid of the pressure. It’s totally fine to eat a chocolate bar. If you have problems to know how much chocolate bars are enough and when to eat them, I can help you.

That is the work I am doing. You would get the confidence to eat whatever you want. If you want to, I can teach you to transform your diet so you never have to worry about eating a chocolate bar again.

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