Overweight is natural

Your body is a natural mastery. Something nature created in countless attempts of failure and success, in countless pivoting in millions of years. You can walk on two feet and use your brain like no other being. You are a true masterpiece. You are pure nature. And so is your weight.

I want you to feel your body, to embrace your body and to be your body. Own what you are and enjoy it to the fullest. Everything about you is natural.

I want you to be free like Pocahontas and let yourself be, go with the stream and enjoy the nature around you. 

Have you ever seen the movie Pocahontas? There is a small scene in which Pocahontas rows her boat on a river and she is so excited where the stream might take her and she is not afraid. But at one point the river splits and she has to decide whether to take the wide open branch or the small curvy branch of the river.  

Even when we just be and take whatever life throughs at us, there are always moments in which we can make a decision. In which we can turn left or right. We might no always exactly know where we end up but we were still able to make a decision. We don’t completely depend on fate.

When it comes to your weight, your river splits right now. You can decide wether you eat balanced or unbalanced. If you chose to eat unbalanced, you naturally end up being overweight and if you chose to eat balanced you naturally end up being normal weight. 

I encourage you to see that your river splits, that you don’t just look ahead and don’t notice that you are actually given a choice. 

This is the only moment you can make a decision. Everything that comes after the bite is not in your hands anymore. You can’t switch the river branch any more. You have to follow it. 

An unbalanced diet naturally causes overweight because it forces you to overeat on energy. Your body is doing it intuitively like a reflex. Naturally. Unbalanced means the food contains more energy than nutrients. You have no inner force against the hunger a lack of nutrients induces. That’s why you always fail so badly when you only try out the newest diet. 

Only when you eat balanced which means the food contains as much energy as nutrients your are able to eat no extra energy. Only then you are able to eat less. 


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