Me like no fish

You don’t like fish? But it’s so healthy. You better eat fish. It has Omega-3-fatty acids and you need those!


I understand you don’t like fish and you never ever want to eat fish again. It’s right, fish contains a lot of omega-3-fatty acids and those are extremely important for you.

It’s also better for the fish populations if humans eat less fish. So, ja, eating less fish is an issue because we need omega-3-fatty acids to have a long life.

My recommended alternative for fish is flaxseed oil. It might taste horrible but it’s over very quickly if you only eat one table spoon of it.

Balanced diet flaxseed oil
Balanced diet flaxsee oil

Our body has a somatic intelligence. It means it learns the nutrients in food. So over time your body will ask for flaxseed oil because it learnt it contains omega-3-fatty acids. That means it gets easier and easier eating this oil. After a view months you want to eat flaxseed oil.


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