You’re not a coffee machine but a clarification plant.

It’s this time of the year when you clean your house and feel like you should do the same with your body. One option is to do a 7 day master cleanse or detox-something. You eat nothing for 7 days and only drink lemon water or herbal teas. The idea is to empty your body of all kinds of food and poop and then use some acid to cleanse the tubes and tissues. Well, your body is not a coffee machine that could be cleaned that way. 

You’re more working like a clarification plant. Cleansing is constantly happening, if all organs work properly. So the best way of cleansing is to not put in too much garbage. This means you should eat a balanced diet. And you should ensure that every working station is working properly, the tools must be of good quality. This again means you should eat a balanced diet. Because your body is building the tubes and tissues out of what you eat.

4 kind of cleanses you can do

Cleanse #1:

Movement is necessary for some cleansing inside your body. There is water in your joints and that water is replaced when you move your joints. So a good way of cleansing your joints is to do Yoga or flexibility exercises.

Cleanse #2:

Some toxins are fat soluble and those are stored where the other fat is stored: in the fat cells. You’re cleansing your body by losing weight and keeping the weight off. Eat balanced to achieve that.

Cleanse #3:

Your arteries can be clogged. That’s called arteriosclerosis. That kind of  „trash“ is not comparable to lime which stays on the inner surface of the tube and lemon juice would dissolve it. The arteries have 3 three layers and the trash is in between the first and the second layer. You can’t cleanse that. You can only slow down or prevent the process of clogging by eating a balanced diet.

Cleanse #4:

Fat around organs impact their work. That fat is called belly fat. Organs like the liver or the kidney are the ones that do the actual constant cleansing so it’s of utmost importance that they work properly. Get rid of your belly fat by eating a balanced diet but more importantly drink only water. 

Liquid energy is most likely stored as belly fat. When liquid energy arrives at the liver and is not necessary for daily activities, it must be stored. Liquid food doesn’t have to be broken down like solid food. You drink it and minutes later it’s at your liver. Imagine you’re the one working in the storage department. If the packages come in in high speed, you have no time to put them far away where they belong. You must put them right next to you. Your ability to do a good job is impacted in a negative way. And it’s not like you don’t have anything to do other than sorting packages all day. That’s why liquid energy is so dangerous. Your liver has no time to put the energy away properly, the fat is stored where it’s made and then stands in the way.

How to cleanse

If you enjoy taking on the challenge of starving yourself, then do a „cleanse“ with eating nothing for seven days. 

But I hope by now you see for yourself, if you’re truly interested in keeping your body „clean”, eat a balanced diet. It’s so important for a well functioning body, so better get good at it now.

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