Why you need to find an efficient diet

“Efficiency is not to make the impossible happen but to make it sustainable for decades.” Lisa-Marie Hunstock

The way of eating should always be efficient. There are many diets out there that are effective in terms of weight loss. 

The keto diet is a booster for some people. They lose weight in no time. But after they reached their dream weight they’re looking for another way of eating because they realize that they can’t keep eating a keto diet for the rest of their life.

WW (former weight watchers) is a great program to lose weight. They help you to figure out your diet, they have something you can count, they have countless cooking books and most importantly they have a great community and support. But a lot of people get burned out by the work load. The constant counting and journaling is exhausting. At some point you just want to cook and eat and live.

Efficiency is not only to do more in less time but also to make a process sustainable for decades. An effective weight loss diet helps you lose weight. An efficient weight loss diet helps you lose weight and supports your health and increases your longevity. You can eat it for the rest of your life. 

That’s why it was always important to me that the weight loss advice I gave where efficient. And when I created my own diet: the Limar diet, I made sure this diet is efficient – sustainable for decades.

What makes it so efficient: 

  1. Once you master it, you will eat balanced just by cooking and eating. You don’t have to spend your time with extra work to be successful.
  2. There are days when I am emotionally and physically empty. But I still have to prepare some food. I have to be creative and decide what the heck should I cook, which I truly don’t want to be and do anymore. The knowledge of a balanced diet and how to put it on the table saves my a** in those moments. Because I can simply turn off my brain and only do as the Limar diet tells me to do. I established a routine that doesn’t involve any creative work. 

Why is efficiency so important for weight loss? You might already know. If a diet is not efficient, the workload of it becomes too much to handle or the sacrifices are just too big to be made. And then you fall back into your old way of eating that caused your overweight. 

So if you want to lose weight forever and be healthy and have a long life, you must find a diet that is efficient. 

If you want to learn the Limar diet, you need to buy my online course „Wisdom of food providing“. That course teaches you the balanced diet and how to put it on the table in 30 minutes without prepping or planning anything. 

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