What we eat matters!

A Sumo Wrestler eats 10.000 kcal a day. It’s one of the challenging parts of this sport to eat that much food. It matters how much he eats fundamentally. But his food is healthy, very balanced. Life expectancy of a Sumo Wrestler is between 60 and 65 years. To compare that with something, the life expectancy of an average Japanese man is 81 years.

The average weight of Sumo Wrestlers is 150kg (330 pounds). 

How far from a Sumo Wrestler are you? How challenging is it for you to eat that much?

What you eat, determines what you look like. Food is not like the air we breath. We can’t just open our mouth and put anything available and convenient inside and swallow. We must make conscious decisions what we put into our mouth and swallow. If your food has a very low amount of nutrients, you have to eat a lot of it. But when you eat a lot of it, you must eat a lot of calories. It fundamentally matters what you eat, if you don’t want to overeat on energy.

What decisions do you make? Do you make any? Or do you just put in what is available?

Why is it so complicated to eat the right food? Because eating healthy requires a certain amount of knowledge. Just like you have to be able to read, if you want to use a computer or smartphone, you have know how to make a healthy, balanced meal. The problem is that knowledge is not taught. We learn about the nutrition pyramid in school but we don’t learn how to put a healthy diet on the table three times a day.

Overweight is a lack of knowledge not so much a self control problem. Not for everyone but for a lot people.

A balanced and healthy diet matters for everyone. How much are you into nutrition and cooking? Because even if you are not interested, you still eat at least three times a day. So healthy and balanced matters for everyone.

The question now is: When do you want to start?


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