Changing diet is frustrating

I am German. Germans love their bread. They love it so much. And the toppings like sausage, salami or cheese not to forget.

So when I moved to Ethiopia in 2012 I experience something phenomenal. Germans would drive long ways and pay a ridiculously high price to get their bread and toppings. There was an NGO (nongovernmental organization) that baked german style bread and sold it AT the German Embassy School of Ethiopia. Fantastic.

The Ethiopian cuisine is wonderful as well. It has it’s one of a kind bread called injera with it’s wonderful vegetable, legume, egg and meat toppings. Very healthy, super delicious. It’s not like the Germans had no other food options for a very low price available. They chosen to pay more though.

Why? Changing the way of eating is hard. Because so much follows. It changes the way you plan your meals, how you shop, how you prepare and store your food. So nobody even considers changing the diet because it’s so overwhelming and frustrating

I couldn’t spend that money and time on getting my bread and the toppings for every dinner of the week. I had to change my diet and let me tell you it was painful. I had no idea what to cook. I got so homesick over my frustration. What helped me the most was the help of other beautiful people who showed my how to cook different food in Ethiopia. The guard we had for our house showed me how to cook Ethiopian food and an Indian friend showed me how to cook Indian food. That support was the most helpful to me.

A couple years later I moved to Japan. Even before I moved I knew I had to give up on bread again and change my diet completely again. I was mentally prepared. And this time it was easy. I also took a Japanese cooking class right away.

If you consider for yourself to lose weight or improve your diet you must prepare yourself that you are giving up your old way of eating. You should mentally prepare yourself for a change. Frustrations are going to pop up. I highly recommend you to get support. Learn from people that know other things than you. Learn from people that already mastered to provide themselves with a balanced diet. That change is still going to be a challenge but the frustrations wont be as big and you will have a bigger chance to succeed.

I am offering you my online course „Wisdom of food providing“. It is the help that I had from many people, from that Indian woman, my guard, from my grandmother, my mother and father, my friends, from those women from my Japanese cooking class and from me. It’s what made me successful in providing myself with a balanced diet. You will learn my experience and with it gain your own.


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