Weight loss success

How to be successful in losing weight?

  1. Step: Write down three people you would do your weight loss for!
  2. Step: Write down why you want to lose weight for them!

Do something for others and you will be successful. 

I follow some women on Instagram who are or were on a weight loss journey. And at some point they all post a pic or video of their kids and tell that their kids have been their biggest motivator

We tend to not be so pampering to ourselves but more for others, children, partners, pets, parents, friends.

Why do you want to lose weight for them?

Overweight and obesity CAN shorten your life. If you get cancer or heart attack because of your overweight your chances to live long minimize. It’s nothing we usually think about. Imagine you died in 2 weeks. What date would that be? But what wonderful events lay behind that date. You would miss on all of that. And even if you were reborn, everything would be different. 

65 years is not old. Yet it is the average age for Sumo Wrestlers. We all know how obese they are and they eat very well but simply too much. They work out every day, they rest well yet they die early because of the OVERweight

Having diabetes is frustrating. Technology got very far already but still. Not having it is easier. Overweight is a major risk factor to get diabetes. And let’s be honest it’s not just you who has to think and plan about it. 

Having a chronic disease also means that you have to go to the doctor frequently. That is time you can spend with other joyful things, time you don’t have to help your family, time to be with you family or friends. 

Carrying the OVERweight is frustrating and exhausting. And I’m not talking about finding the cloth or fitting in an airplane seat. That is all fixable by companies. I mean the actual physical force that has to go into it to just move from one room to the other. It might hold you back from activities with you friends and family.

Since this is my blog I want to share with you why I don’t want to be overweight. I don’t want to be overweight because I don’t like the way I look with the extra weight. I don’t feel sexy and adorable anymore. To me it’s like wearing cloth in a style I don’t like. I get frustrated and I am not as happy as I am with my normal weight. It’s a state of my mental health I don’t like. And I don’t want to except the way I look if I can be thin. 

Step 3: Give this piece of paper with your WHYs from step 2 to one of the persons you want to lose weight for if she/he can read. Let that person read your whys out loud in front of you. This will make you commit to those whys. Hearing your whys from a different person puts them truly out into the universe and somehow you realize how important they are. 

Picture by Miguel Bruna Source: Unsplash

But how to be successful?

Let’s be honest. All that talking about finding your whys and who you do it for means nothing when you are in the kitchen, see your chocolate and want it. Or when you have your meal and just don’t feel good if you don’t have another portion. You can only lose weight if your cravings stop and you actually eat less.

Step 4: Learn a balanced diet to eat the food that makes your cravings stop. 

That is the sustainable option. There is keto diet, paleo and many more. They all help you to stop the cravings and lose weight. But a balanced diet is the only one that will last for a life time. 

Eating balanced means you have to cook and that is what you are going to need your whys for. The moment you want to be lazy and don’t want to cook you remember your whys and how your precious person read those whys to you. And that will help you get up and cook and do the work.

And at one point cooking and eating balanced will hopefully be the only way of eating you know and then that becomes your reason for being thin. 

A balanced diet not only helps you lose weight. It makes you feel good, strong and vital. And if that way of eating is the only way you know to feel that way, you do it. 

I am not going to leave you with that though. 

I hope, this text got you motivated and you feel the need to learn and eat a balanced diet. If you want to learn a balanced diet in one day, I offer you a training. Check out this website and purchase my online course

If you already eat balanced and need some inspiration, follow my youtube channel and watch short videos of my daily cooking.


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