Why do you eat so much?

Why do you eat so much

I know, it’s a rather offensive question and I feel no question you want to answer much less be asked.

I see you. You’re trying everything but somehow it’s not enough. You still eat too much. And you don’t want to be poked into your weak spot by that question.

Somewhere deep down, you know something is off. But you don’t know what you might do wrong.

Why do you eat so much? What if you can’t know the answer because nobody has truly answered it so far?

When you can’t read and write, would you feel dum and stupid, like a failure? You know better now because you can read and write. You know it‘s simply a small skill one can master. It’s not you, it’s just that you haven‘t been taught.

You eat so much because you haven’t been taught how to provide yourself with a balanced diet. It’s not you. You’re not dum or stupid and definitely no failure.

A balanced diet is very easy to apply but it’s a bit complicated to understand why it’s so important and the key for weight loss.  

Would you give me the moment to explain it to you?

Your body does this intuitively. There’s nothing wrong with your body. You’re doing everything naturally and you’re naturally gaining weight, if you eat unbalanced food. 

I want you to love your body. To embrace every inch of it. I want you to celebrate your curves and I want you to enjoy your food. I don’t want you to give up on the delicious food you love so much. I want you to have everything and to enjoy every bite and to never ever regret anything you ate.

Just be aware that you don’t have to except your overweight when it’s created by unbalanced food. 

Providing yourself with a balanced diet is a small skill you can learn and I would be here to teach you. That is my job.


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