Weight loss is made in the kitchen

Let’s rip something apart. 

It’s often said that exercise is necessary for weight loss. Almost always exercise is recommended to people who want to lose weight. That is good and that is the right thing to do of anyone who is giving weight loss advices.

The goal of weight loss is to become healthy and strong so exercise is important because it contributes to that goal. Exercise is important for your heart, your immune system or your mental health and many more things. 

I want to rip weight loss and exercise apart now. 

Let’s remember this: a Sumo wrestler eats a very balanced diet and exercises every single day. But he eats 10,000 kcals a day thus the average weight for a Sumo wrestler is 150 kg or 330 lbs. The average life expectancy is 65 years for a Sumo wrestler. He basically does everything one must do to live a long life. So I believe the only fact that shortens his life is the huge amount of calories.

Exercise is important for your health and your longevity. Studies prove that. But there is little scientific evidence that exercise is an effective weight loss tool. 

Weight loss is made in the kitchen by a diet like Intermitted fasting, Paleo, Mediterranean or Planetary health diet. A balanced diet is the most important and most effective tool for weight loss. 

This also means if you are on a weight loss journey, your diet must be the most important thing you focus on. That is what you have to start with, that is what you have to master, that is what you have to know how to do in your sleep. And, you may not like this, your diet is the one thing you should not mess up. You can’t hit to gym and sink in ice cream afterwards. Exercise is for your health, your diet is for your weight loss and, remember the Sumo wrestlers, the calories are what matter the most for a long life. 

A balanced diet is not about a calorie deficit but about the right amount of calories and nutrients. You want to balance calories and nutrients, that’s why it’s called a balanced diet. With calories and nutrients in balance your body allows you to eat the right amount of calories. If your food contains more calories than nutrients (high processed food), your body forces you to eat enough nutrients and as a consequence you eat more calories. 

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