Binge eating attacks

binge eating attacks

Imagine you are Hänsel or Gretel and you have nothing to eat. You only have a small piece of bread to eat every day. 

The situation is that bad that your parents decide to abandon you, to send you into the forest for you to die. And not peacefully in your sleep but to be killed my wild animals. It’s cruel and we know people did that. 

Yes, a moment of gratitude that we don’t live in those times anymore but still, some people still experience severe hunger. 

But let’s get back to Hänsel and Gretel. You got lucky and found the Zuckerkuchenhouse. And of course you have a binge eating attack. How could you not? You don’t know when or if you ever find so much food again and you want to make sure you eat as much as possible. Nothing is more important than the food in front of you. You blend out your surroundings and when you get asked who is there you answer in your ecstasy: the wind, the wind, the heaven born wind. 

Is that how you feel when you have a binge attack?

I bet it is. 

You feel bottomless, like you’re attached to nothing, rushing, driven, unstoppable like the wind. No willpower, no mindset can stop you. And nothing can get in your way. Like the wind. 

After you’re done, your pantry and fridge looks like a tornado came through. 

I hope you see, there’s nothing you can do once you arrived at the sugar cake house. 

We must make sure your parents don’t send you into the forest but feed you. 

Ok, I understand. You‘re not starving and you feed yourself. Nevertheless you have those binge eating attacks. 

How to control binge eating attacks

Your body might still emotions by such an attack. If that’s the case for you, please see a psychiatrist. I cannot help with that. You can start by asking yourself why you have an attack. If your answer is I don’t know, keep asking and try to figure it out. But still, get help. 

Another reason might be you don’t eat enough. I‘m here for you. 

You don’t eat enough of everything. 

And by the end of the day you go for the food that is easily available and that you don’t have to prepare. 

Have two balanced meals during the day and two snacks. You can do it the Japanese way: basically start with lunch, then have breakfast and finish your day with dinner. You can do it the western way: start with breakfast (that’s a snack), followed by lunch, 4pm tea and finish with dinner. This might sound complicated, that’s why I created the online course „Wisdom of food providing“ for you to explain in detail. It’s just not possible for me to teach you everything I know in a blog post.

Indicators for you to know that you don’t eat enough are when you try to skip meals. Having no breakfast, no lunch or dinner results in a binge eating attack. Maybe not the same day but eventually a couple days later and you wonder why you’re having an attack. 

Another indicator is you don’t have your salad or sandwich with a fill-up side dish like bread. A meal like lunch or dinner without a fill-up side dish is an unbalanced meal. We need carbs and if you don’t eat them you end up having a binge eating attack. 

When I evaluate if a diet works, I compare it to cultural way of eatings. A diet is a way of eating so even when you just eat what you want you are on a diet basically. And every cultural developed diet around the world includes carbs. There isn’t one tripe or folk that doesn’t eat carbs. That’s why you lose when you try to exclude carbs from your diet. It hasn’t been done before. 

You don’t eat enough fat. 

Some people just don’t like the taste and texture of fat so much. Others worry that they gain weight if they eat too much fat. But we need to eat a sufficient amount of fat. So have a dressing with your salad, eat the ice cream for dessert and don’t go for the fat reduced products. Not eating fat will kick you in your a** and then you end up eating uncontrollable. Not eating fat causes you those moments when you search for the chocolate and ice cream in your pantry like a truffle pig. 


If you want to step out of the vicious cycle of binge eating attacks you should take of your mental health and

  • eat every meal at a specific time
  • have two balanced meals a day
  • have about 1 to 2 snacks a day
  • eat your carbs
  • eat enough fat

All of that brings you into balance with your food. In my online program „Wisdom of food providing“ you would learn the full concept of a balanced diet what these individual steps mean in more detail and how you can easily apply them by cooking only 30 min a day without prepping or planning anything. Because you might have guessed right, you’re stepping from one frustration into another. You go from having binge eating attacks into cooking once or twice a day and you always have to know what to cook. And „Wisdom of food providing“ is designed to help you overcome that frustration, next. Here is the link.

You can always check out my youtube channel for meal inspirations and more information. Here is that link.


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