Make vegetables the main part of your dish

and you lose weight

Yes! It is that easy. If you were looking for a pill to lose weight here it is. Eat more vegetables. 

Our traditional diets were already lacking in vegetables. Now comes the processed food on top which is lacking even more vegetables. 

Since we are so focused on energy, salt, sugar, fat and carbs we don’t see the true issues with our food. I say: let’s not focus on what we shouldn’t eat because we can eat everything. Let’s focus on the food we have to eat more of. 

Eat more vegetables. That is the solution to make overweight history. 

And you know that I am always here to help you to eat more vegetables. I created the Limar Diet that is incorporated into „Wisdom of food providing“. The main characteristic of the Limar Diet is that you fill half your plate with vegetables. I know, I know it is sooo much, how should you cook that without spending ours in the kitchen. I teach you that, too. 

So you mustn’t worry. „Wisdom of food providing“ teaches you how to eat enough vegetables and how to put them on the table in 30 minutes without prepping or planning anything. 

You are the maker of you own body. And with the right knowledge about food, you make your overweight history. 

Let’s get it done!


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