What is a trophologist?

Trophologists are scientists take a very close look at food and discover what impact it has in human bodies.

When looking at breast milk trophologists found a certain kind of sugar. And they discovered that this certain sugar was eaten by the bacteria in the babys gut. Those bacteria are a first defense in the babys immune response.

What they also did was to copy those sugars and add them to baby food. It’s a wonderful feeling when not being able to breast feed to know that scientists work really hard to create a very good copy of the breast milk to ensure a healthy growth of the baby.

I myself studied nutrition science in Germany for four years and got my Diploma. So now I’m a trophologist. The study I work in for my diploma thesis was investigating whether a supplementation of certain fats would help to build a protection layer on the skin in patience with atopic dermatitis.

It turned out it wasn’t possible.

What got me scientifically hooked after I finished university was the question how weight gain was possible.

I figured it‘s possible because one eats too much but the question then was: why? Why do some people eat more than others?

If you’re interested about the answer you can listen to my free online seminar How to eat less. Here is the link.

Let me know if that is answer makes sense to you and if that might be a reason for your overweight.

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