How to lose weight quickly

Don’t flush your toilette for 1 day.

A Harvard professor showed a group of people 800 faces. Some were friendly looking some were threatening looking and the rest was in between these two groups. The first 200 faces the participants saw were an equal amount of threatening and friendly faces. After 200 faces the professor didn’t show as many threatening face anymore. But the participants started identifying friendlier faces as threatening face. So even when you objectively see almost only friendly faces, you personally see a lot of threatening faces.

No matter how good you have it, you will find problems. That’s just how our brain works. You can’t help it but what you can do is to be aware of it. This will melt a „far-fetched“ problem like lemon drops.

Having no tap water is a real problem and you might give up not flushing your toilet after the 3rd visit.

Cooking for yourself is a lemon drop. You can and must cook good food to lose weight. The sooner you start cooking balanced food and the more frequent you eat it the faster you lose weight.


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