Products that lure you into the trap

Overweight is caused by processed food. It usually is the convenient food. The food that we don’t have to prepare, the food that we just throw in the oven or microwave and eat. No cutting necessary.

Those products are frozen pizza, chicken wings, french fries, burgers and most of us have an understanding that those products are not beneficial when trying to lose weight. 

But the understanding doesn’t go far enough to make overweight history. The common assumption is that those products contain too much calories, fat and sugar, which they do. But that is not the reason why those products cause overweight. Those products cause overweight because they don’t contain a lot of nutrients. So in order to fulfill our nutrient needs, we must eat a lot of those products and consequently massively overeat on energy. 

It is so important to understand that because otherwise you step into a trap. There are products out there that only address the calories, fat and sugar but are still high processed and lack nutrients. Those products are advertised with low carb, low calorie, high protein, gluten free, grain free, no sugar, real food, you name it. But just like burgers and french fries they lack vegetables and therefore nutrients. 

Think about this: we don’t have to grow and harvest our food, we don’t have to take care of animals, we don’t have to carry water to cook, most of us don’t even have to wash the dishes. Our life is so convenient. We have so much more time for ourselves because we don’t have to do all theses things to survive. But that convenience has a limit. If you want to be healthy, lose weight, live a long and active life you must at least cook your food. If you go a step further in convenience and choose food that you don’t have to prepare anymore, you pay with your health.

In Wisdom Of Food Providing I teach you an efficient way of cooking so you don’t feel frustrated by that chore. Feel free to check it out because I understand that going from convenient food to real food is a challenge but you don’t have to overcome it alone. I can show you what I learned and be by your side to help you. 


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