Lisa-Marie Hunstock


Hi, I’m Lisa.

I train people like you who desperately want to have a slim, strong and healthy body.

I have a dream:  I want to make overweight that is caused by an unbalanced diet history because it brings so much damage but at the same time is fixable so easily.

I’ve got a diploma in nutrition science but more importantly I lived two years in Ethiopia and several in Japan.

When I’m not writing, filming or talking to others about my vision, I can be found reading to my two daughters, doing handcraft with them, playing the piano, meeting with friends. I love to live in other countries because that forces me to leave the known and learn how to manage the new unknown world. It makes me grow and I feel that I get a deeper understanding of the world and of people. I never had my own TV because I am TV addicted. So you can imagine I love to climb into the Youtube-rabbit hole.

"I always knew women and men who struggled with their weight. I never struggled with my weight. And somehow this difference got me hocked. The question what I might do differently became a passion for me. I wanted to find the reasons for overweight.

I found a lot of answers and I want to share my answers with world. And I also want to help and offer my service to others who want to lose weight."

If you’re dying to know more, here are 8 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I deeply hate to think about the question: What should I cook today.

  2. I want to cook very healthy because I want to have strength for my life, because I like to be slim, because I want to feed my kids and my husband healthy food and because I want to die young as late as possible.

  3. I love to watch Disney movies with my daughters.

  4. I love the feeling when I have to think of nothing. It usually happens never but sometimes I dream of that moment and imagine what it would be like if I had to do nothing, had to think of nothing and had to plan nothing for one day.

  5. I love to puzzle and to solve riddles.

  6. I already lived in Los Angeles, Addis Abeba and Tokyo. I love my home country Germany because I love clean sidewalks, never outgoing electricity, always running tap water and I truly mind earthquakes.

  7. I already won the lottery because I was born and raised in a rich country.

  8. I absolutely don’t like stickers on glasses.

Lisa-Marie Hunstock

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