We got used to the unhealthy

Overweight is not a safe place to be at. But when a lot of people are overweight it becomes the new normal.

And that is a wonderful thing actually. When the unknown different becomes familiar and normal. That’s what humans need to make everybody welcomed and loved and included. That’s what we are looking for. To be accepted and part of communities.

I‘m watching the six season of Queer Eye. I love this show and I love these five. I see that overtime since it is the six season some of them gained weight. And also the candidates are mostly overweight. It sticks out to me so much because I‘m in Japan and most people in Japan are slim.

Of course all the candidates struggle and some with their overweight and that emotional pain caused the overweight. And as far as the five, I can’t tell what they have been trough lately and why they gained weight.

I always start to worry though because I wonder if I am seeing illiterates who struggle because they can’t read. Are they overweight because they don’t know how to put a balanced meal together on an everyday basis? And if that is the case, I can’t say „don’t worry about an extra pound. You are fine. As long as you feel good within your body.“

We all eat and we all want to think that we eat right. And when our body craves for certain food than it should have it. So it seams that overweight simply happens to someone and than of course that someone should except it and learn how to live with it. But for the majority of people overweight is a symptom of the wrong diet and only „happens“ to someone because that person doesn’t know better.

We shouldn’t get used to that. Because overweight shortness life and also impacts it negatively. Imagine how many life’s could be saved when people knew how to eat balanced every single meal.

We shouldn’t get used to the unhealthy.


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