When will you start to eat balanced and healthy?

Do you already eat balanced and healthy?

If not, when will you start?

You probably know the best time is today. Why not start today?

Maybe because you don’t know enough yet. Maybe you have no clue what balanced and healthy food even is.

It’s my responsibility to remind you, that there’s this course „Wisdom of Food Providing“ that teaches you a healthy, balance diet today, if you have no idea what it is.

But maybe this is too direct for you. Maybe you have never thought of taking a class about a healthy, balanced diet. So this approach is not familiar for you.

I understand.

I want to remember you of something.

The first thing we learn in school is how to write and read. We believe that reading and writing is so important that it’s the first thing we teach our children as soon as they are ready. It’s so important that no child can choose whether they like reading and writing or not. And we certainly don’t assume that that technique is something a child can master itself.

Reading and writing are cultural techniques. Cultural techniques are skills taught at home and in educational institutions that enable the acquisition, teaching and dissemination of cultural skills.

Cooking and food providing are cultural techniques like reading and writing. It’s nothing that we can do intuitively. Nevertheless we don’t teach it at school. Parents, grandparents and care takers teach cooking and food providing. So only children, that are lucky enough to have parents, grandparents and care takers that know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like, learn how to provide themselves with healthy food. Or children who are very interested in a healthy lifestyle teach themselves.

I know children learn about a healthy diet at school. The learn the knowledge. They don’t learn how to do it. They don’t learn the techniques of how to put that healthy diet on the table.

Imagine you met an illiterate and she told you she wanted to learn reading and writing, but she doesn’t know how and she has no time to learn and she’s not so interested in it and it seems so complicated and she doesn’t know where to start and …

You’d be like: „Are you kidding me?“ But that’s only because you know what the world looks like when you can read and write and you know how much you depend on it. You can read and write and it’s so easy, you don’t even think about it. The illiterate doesn’t live in that world yet and cannot imaging what it looks like.

When I meet people that don’t know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like, I ask them, if they want to learn. And they tell me all the things why they can’t right now: I have no time to learn, I am not really interested, it’s so complicated, I don’t know where to start.

I’m like: „Are you kidding me?“ But that’s only because I know what the world looks like when I do cook healthy and I know how much I depend on it. I can provide myself and my family with a healthy diet and it’s so easy, I don’t even think about it. The people I talk to don’t live in that world yet and cannot imaging what it looks like.

They are not ready. But maybe you are ready to start learning! Food providing doesn’t magically come to you. It’s a skill, like reading and writing that might be difficult to learn but that’s super easy once you mastered it. 


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