@Sadhguru is driving through Europe to create awareness of #savesoil

Soil is the layer of earth we grow our food on and that stores the most CO2 on terrestrial surfaces. 

Our current agriculture causes a loss of this layer. But it’s non-renewable. It takes 100 years to grow 1 inch or 3cm. 

It’s of utmost importance that we protect and nurture our soil to not starve. 

Each of us can have a hug impact when we eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet is key to eat less. 

If you need further information on this please watch my online webinar about How to eat less and meet daily nutritional requirements a

and read this blog post.

I want to challenge you to eat balanced. 

Plate save soil challenge

This is a picture of a balanced meal.

Half of it should be vegetables, a quarter one protein source and one quarter a fill-up side dish which are carbs.

You must use three different vegetables. 

Cook such a meal and take a picture of it. Post it on Social Media. Use the hashtag #savesoilchallenge and#savesoil.

You can also copy and paste this templed. Please edit it to your needs.

"I took upon the challenge to eat a balanced meal. It will help to protect our soil. @lisamariehunstock asked me use beans as a protein source. 

I pass this challenge on to @nametheperson and ask her/him to use … as a …"

There is also a templet for your picture on Canva.

Share this challenge with all your friends and family. You create awareness and support Sadhgurus journey and have a direct impact on the cause.



I challenge you to use beans as your protein source.

plate save soil challenge beans

Due to the war, the European Union postponed the announcement of regenerative agriculture policy. So it’s on us to make the changes happen by united forces ALREADY.